Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

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Window: 09, Nave N (W), St Lawrence, Bradwell, Old (MK)

Location in Church:
Nave N (W)
3 lights
Abstract coloured shapes, and St Lawrence
Date Made:
c1880s & c1965
Date Made - Notes:
Figure of St Lawrence (by Clayton & Bell) is probably from the 1880s. The background of the window (by Harry Stammers) is c1965.
Craftsman - Notes:
The background is one of 4 windows in this church made by Harry Stammers in the 1960s.
Sources for Dates & Craftsmen:
E Swinfen Harris, Records of Bucks, 1904 & Church Guide Book.
Notes on Window:
The figure of St Lawrence, patron saint of the church, is by Clayton and Bell. It was originally in Window 12, to the North (or right) of the altar. It was reset into a background of glass by Harry Stammers that resembles his glass that is now in Window 12.


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Window in Situ
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Overall View of Glass
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Centre light: St Lawrence with his grid-iron.
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Centre light: Detail of St Lawrence (the patron saint of Bradwell church)

Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

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