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Historic Churches of Buckinghamshire is a project launched in 2018, with only a few churches included at the moment.

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Monuments - As we cannot include all Church Monuments, those listed here are selected for their importance by sculptor, designer, or the size, design, or unusual character of the monument, or the people that they remember.
They will usually be monuments inside a church, but occasionally exceptional monuments in a churchyard will be included.

 28 churches with 86 Monuments

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St Mary the Virgin Addington †1700: Sir John Busby. Cartouche with trophies and a portrait bust above. Sculptor was Nicholas Bigee. (it was possibly by Bigee).
This military memorial reflects that Sir John Busby was Colonel of the Bucks Militia.
The Inscription, which states that the monument was consecrated by his son Rev Thomas Busby.

†1725 made 1753: Rev Thomas Busby & wife Ann. He was the son of Sir John Busby, and Rector of Addington from 1693 until his death in 1725, She died in 1745. Their Monument was not erected until 1753. Sculptor was John Michael Rysbrack. (signed and dated by Rysbrack).
The monument was not erected until 28 and 8 years after the deaths of Rev Thomas and Ann Busby.
A putto stands by a broken column, which represents the broken Busby line, as Thomas Busby had no son. The putto holds a snake biting its own tail. Such a snake is a symbol of birth, death and re-birth.
The Inscription tells us that the monument was erected by Thomas and Ann's two daughters (Anne and Jane) in 1753.

†1798: Anne Busby & Jane Busby (sisters). They died in 1798 and 1800, and were the daughters of Rev Thomas and Ann Busby. Sculptor was Humphrey Hopper.
The monument shows a woman kneeling beside 2 urns, reflecting the 2 sisters.
Closer view of Woman and Urns.
Arms and Inscription, which tells us that Anne had been married, but Jane had not. They had become co-heiresses of the Lordship and Manor of Addington.

1897: J G Hubbard Sculptor was E Roscoe Mullins.

St Mary Amersham †1636: Henry Curwen (aged 14). Sculptor was Edward Marshall.
The Inscription.

†1654: William Drake.
Close-up view of William Drake.

†1698 made 1725: Montague Drake. Sculptor was Andrew Carpenter. (Signed by Carpenter).

†1714 & †1730: George Bent & his mother.
Close-up view of George Bent and his mother.

†1727: Charles Eeles.
The Inscription.

†1730: Elizabeth Bent The Monument also acts as an unusual marble "Bequest Board" detailing 2 Bequests to be followed under strict terms. The Inscription says that Elizabeth Bent's will included instructions to set up this monument.
The Inscription details the strict terms to be followed, and details how the Executor ensured the future for the Bequests.

†1850: Edward Weller. Sculptor was Samuel Manning the Younger..

1888: Tower restored. The tower was not re-faced with flints until 16 years after the rest of the church. The work was in memory of Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake, †1888. This plaque on the tower records that the restoration was done as a memorial to Thomas Tyrwitt-Drake of Shardeloes who died July 24 1888.

St Mary Ashendon Late 13C: Unidentified late 13C Knight. The effigy lies under a 15C arch.
Closer view of effigy with the Knight holding his sword.

†1756: John Lucas & wife Mary. John Lucas died in 1756, his wife Mary died in 1758.
The inscription.

†1780: William Eagleton & wife Frances. William Eagleton died in 1780, his wife Frances died in 1781.
Closer view of inscription. The text at the base is identical to that on the earlier John Lucas monument.

†1798: William Croxford.

†1834: William Smith.

St Michael & All Angels Aston Clinton 1768: John Somner. He died in 1768 aged 53, and his wife Ann "caused this Monument to be erected to his memory".
The inscription plaque on the monument.

1806: Mary Minshull. She died in 1806 at the age of 32. The Monument also records 3 other family members.
The inscription.

1828: John Hardwick Minshull. He died in 1828 at the age of 33 . The Monument also records his brother William who died in 1831 aged 36.
The inscription.

c1846: Edward Horwood. The Monument also records the deaths of his 3 children who all died between 1845 and 1849.
The inscription.

†1870: Rev Charles Eyton. He was Rector from 1849-1870. The Monument is also in memory of the Rector's wife, Philadelphia who died in 1880.
The inscription.

†1944: Frances Down. She was the only daughter of William Minshull. The monument proudly tells us that she was a descendant of a Knight from the 3rd Crusade, in 1189-1192.
The inscription.

St Michael and All Angels Aston Sandford Various: Thomas Scott (1747-1821). Rector of Aston Sandford from 1803 to 1821, Thomas Scott (the famous Biblical Scholar and Commentator) has 3 memorial stones in the Chancel. Small stone in Chancel Floor.
Large stone in Chancel Floor, also records the death of Scott's 10 month old grandaughter in 1816.
A more prominent monument to Scott on the wall of the Chancel.

St Peter Astwood †1640 made 1685: Samuel Cranmer and his second wife. He died in 1640, Mary his second wife died in 1684. He was a descendant of the elder brother of Thomas Cranmer, 16C Archbishop of Canterbury.
The inscription.

†1743: Margaret Lowndes. Daughter of William and Margaret Lowndes.
The inscription.

†1764: Margaret Lowndes. Wife of William Lowndes. Sculptor was John Vidler. (Probably by Vidler).
The inscription.

†1775: William Lowndes. Sculptor was John Vidler. (Signed by Vidler).
The inscription.

St Mary Aylesbury †1703: Thomas Ferrer. Sculptor was Edward Stanton.

†1749: Anne Barker Bell. Sculptor was Peter Scheemakers.

Church of the Assumption Beachampton †1598: Matthew Pigot.

†1682: Simon Benet.

St Mary & All Saints Beaconsfield, Old 1520s: Unidentified. In Chancel N wall.

†1687: Edmund Waller. Sculptor was William Stanton. (Probably by Stanton).

1886: Rev Samuel Bowles. He died in 1885. Designer was Henry Woodyer.

St Margaret Biddlesden †1847: George Morgan. Sculptor was Thomas Grimsley.

St James the Great Bierton 1621: Samuel Bosse.

All Saints Bisham (Berks) early 16C: Canopied Tomb Chest. The monument was brought from Anglesey by the Williams family.

†1558: Sir Philip Hoby (etc). Sculptor was Cornelius Cure. (Reputedly by Cure).

†1605: Lady Margaret Hoby.

†1609: Lady Elizabeth Russell. (formerly Hoby)

†1904: George Kennet Vansittart-Neale. He died at the age of 14. Sculptor was Morris Harding.

St Mary Bletchley (MK) †1442: Richard Lord Grey de Wilton.

†1616: Thomas Sparke. Sculptor was Richard Haydocke.

†1699: Thomas Willis and his wife. They were the parents of Browne-Willis.

†1724: Catherine Willis. She was the wife of Browne Willis.

St James Boarstall late 15C: Unidentified.

1815: Aubrey family.

1826: Aubrey family.

†1856: Sir Thomas Digby Aubrey. Sculptor was John Bedford & Sons.

St Botolph Bradenham 1684: Charles West. Sculptor was Edward Stanton. (Upper part of monument is possibly by Stanton). Complete monument
Top part of monument, with unusual caryatids.

†1848: Isaac D'Israeli Disraeli had been a tenant at Bradenham Manor.

St Peter Burnham †1594: John Wright, Vicar.

†1657: George Evelyn. He was the owner of Huntercombe Manor.

†1721: Bridget Friend.

1792: Mr Justice Willes. Sculptor was John Bacon 1st.

All Saints Calverton †1752: Thomas Ravenscroft. Sculptor was Jasper Latham. (Possibly by Latham).

St Simon & Jude Castlethorpe †1671: Thomas Tyrril.

St Nicholas Chearsley late 18C: 3 wall tablets.

St Michael Chenies 14C-21C: The Russell monuments and hatchments are not currently listed here. The Bedford Chapel is private, however the monuments are splendid and very important.

St Mary Chesham †1617: Richard Woodcocke. He was Vicar in the early 17C. His bust looks down on the altar. The monument is similar to Shakespeare's at Stratford-on-Avon.

†1623: John Cavendish. He was the son of the Earl of Devonshire, his monument is a sarcophagus.

†1726: Lady Mary Whichcote. Monument has a tall pyramid.

†1800: Nicholas Skottowe. Monument shows a mourning woman at a sarcophagus. Sculptor was John Bacon, Junior.

St Leonard Chesham Bois ?: Tomb Chest.

St Mary & Nicholas Chetwode †1668: Mary Risley.

St Lawrence Chicheley 1576: Cave, Anthony & his wife. Anthony Cave died in 1554, the monument was erected in 1576. Sculptor was Thomas Kirby.

†1635: Sir Anthony Chester & his wife.

†1697: Sir Anthony Chester.

†1704: Ann Chester, wife of Sir John.

1708: Chancel rebuilt in a Classical style. Built in memory of Sir John Chester's first wife, Anne Wollaston. Maker was James Oldfield. Mason working for Sir John Chester

19C: Chester family members. Unusual Monumental Tiles.

St Mary the Virgin Chilton †1608: Sir John Croke & his wife. A very large canopied tomb chest.

†1755: Chief Justice Carter. A very large screen monument.

St Mary the Virgin Clifton Reynes c1300: Thomas Reynes (1st) and wife. These are oak effigies in a recess dating from c1340.

c1330: Ralph Reynes. Oak effigy and part of Table Tomb.

c1330: Thomas Reynes (2nd). Part of Table Tomb.

c1330: Cecilia Reynes. This is an oak effigy.

c1340: Amabel Reynes. The wall recess for Amabel Reynes is now empty.

c1385: Thomas Reynes (3rd) & wife Joan. This is a table tomb with stone effigies.

1752: Alexander Small. Monument is signed by James Andrews. James Andrews.

1752: Alexander Small. Bust is by the sculptor Peter Scheemakers. Sculptor was Peter Scheemakers.

St Nicholas Cublington †1681: George Tourney.

All Saints Hulcott †1535: Benedict Lee.

†1823: Baldwyn Thorne. She died at the age of 100.

†1908: Rev Edward Bonus.
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